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Hi! Welcome to Vegan-ish. My name is Chrissy Bruns. I'm 28 years old, married to a cutie named Michael, and live where few vegans do, Indiana.


I'm not quite ready to call myself a Vegan. It's the beauty within this commitment issue that Vegan-ish was born, a lifestyle, health, and food blog for those who suffer from chronic illnesses, want to eat more vegetables, are on their way to VeganLand, or are a full-time herbivore.

I've suffered from PCOS (think irregular periods, weight gain, and infertility), chronic anxiety/panic disorder, and severe acid reflux disease for most of my adulthood. I've reached my breaking point with our healthcare system, knowing all my diagnoses are connected, yet working with three different doctors*, paying thousands of dollars, and taking medications that seem to do more harm to my body than good. 

My decision to eat mostly whole-food, plant-based came after reading more and more research proving that the best way to love my body was not to manage symptoms with medication - but to heal it with food. I'm so excited to share this journey with friends, family, and strangers - hoping it brings encouragement, healing, yummy recipes, and maybe a few laughs to those who need it. 

with love,


*I love and respect these physicians for doing everything in their limited power to help me! I genuinely believe they care about me and want to see me thrive. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to heal my body in the way she needs. 

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